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Xarelto Alternatives and Competitors

Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Blood thinners are a common form of treatment for patients after surgery or those at risk of stroke. While blood thinners are considered to be a dangerous subgroup of drugs, there were never severe or frequent cases of adverse side effects from one specific drug. The market leaders, Warfarin and Coumadin, reported few patients with serious side effects due to the drug.

Warfarin and Coumadin required two pills daily, substantial dietary restrictions, and frequent doctor visits to monitor the amount of drug in the blood. The dose of two pills per day maintained a consistent level of the drug within the body over the course of the day to prevent bleeding episodes.

In 2011, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer released Xarelto as an alternative to the hassle of taking Warfarin and Coumadin. It was marketed to individuals that did not want the doctor visits and blood testing associated with the previous medical options. The drug manufacturers claimed the blood testing was not a necessary step to preventing bleeding episodes.

Reportedly, a number of Xarelto patients suffered from preventable bleeding episodes due to the oversight of the drug manufacturer. There were problems associated with dosage that frequent doctor visits and blood tests would have caught. Some of the more serious preventable bleeding incidents resulted in severe injury or death of the patient. According to the website of the lawyers at the Williams Kherkher law firm, one of the fatal types of bleeding that Xarelto can cause is severe gastrointestinal bleeding.

Also unlike its competitors, Xarelto does not have a reversal agent. An antidote would normally be used to stop the bleeding episode before it became deadly. Without one, Xarelto patients must endure the bleeding incident until the drug is out of the blood system. This could take several hours or days to completely occur, leaving the patient helpless during this time. Xarelto is currently under scrutiny by the FDA.

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Birth Injuries and their Consequences

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Birth Injury | 0 comments

Having a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could have. Some couples even go through great lengths just to be able to have a child in the first place. Couples, especially the mother carrying the child, usually ensure every safety precaution in order to make sure that the child is born healthy and happy.

However, there have been a few known cases that have dashed these parents-to-be’s hopes and their child is born with a defect as a result of birth injury by medical malpractice or from criminal negligence. This can be committed by a doctor, a nurse, any medical practitioner who was involved with the procedure, or even the health care provider. Truly, there is nothing that could make up for the terrible aftermath of a birth injury but the victim and the victim’s family are legally owed compensation for the injuries they must now suffer through.

Unfortunately, according to the website of Ausband & Dumont Law, a lot of birth injuries and defects can have effects on the child for the rest of their natural lifetime. This means that there are now automatic medical expenses that will last for the rest of this person’s life, dramatically already changing that person’s financial needs.

The medical professional’s negligence now needs to be accounted for so that the victim and the victim’s families can live their lives as normally as they possibly can, following such a terrible incident. It isn’t ideal to live in this kind of situation but there can be some comfort found in knowing that justice was well and truly served.

If you or someone you know has been greatly affected by birth injury as a rest of medical malpractice, it would be advisable to acquire legal assistance as soon as possible. Professional help is necessary immediately because the process is quite complicated and stressful and you will need help that is strong in their capability to handle a case as sensitive as this.

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Your Possessions after Death

Posted by on Jun 5, 2014 in Estate Planning | 0 comments

Estate planning doesn’t seem to be in many people’s minds. Everyone has an estate – everything that you own, such as your car, house, estate, and other material possessions – which you may need to leave behind after your death. Estate planning is the process of creating the plan you will use to arrange to whom you are going to give what, as well as when they will be able to receive it.

Estate planning is a plan you do that involves a significant amount of people; family, friends, individuals that you are attached to, and even charitable organizations you value. It also focuses on the possibility of a future where you will be unable to take care of yourself. It is a complicated process, which is why The Majors Firm advises people who wish to plan their estates to hire a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer for estate planning can help in issues such as:

  1. Knowing your assets and determining their proper value
  2. Deciding which asset goes to whom, and when would be the appropriate time
  3. Appointing the right person to take care of your minor children in case you are unable to care for yourself
  4. Choosing what to do with your remains after death, and where they would be laid to rest
  5. Appointing the person who will take care of you assets if you are not able to do so

Regardless of the size of your estate, it is vital to appoint a person who will manage them as well as assist you in deciding about health and personal care when you have become too limited to do so. Failing to plan ahead could cause chaos and lost estates, therefore it is better to have an estate planning. If you have not drafted an estate plan, then the state can designate a person to handle your estate and its distribution, but it may not be to you and your family’s liking. You can begin by drafting a will or setting up a living trust. By planning your estate, you have the peace of mind that everything will work out after something bad happens.

Planning your estate is the responsible and considerate way to make sure your family is taken care of after you’re gone. Estate planning is only one part of protecting your future and the future of  your loved ones. According to the website of the Mokaram Law Firm, knowing when your rights have been violated and when you may be due compensation for injury can help ease the financial burden going forward. 

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Consequences of Being Hurt in a Car Crash

Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Car Accidents, Personal Injury | 1 comment

Car Crash

Being in an auto accident can be hard not only on the physical aspect but also on the finances as well. Injuries sustained in the accident need immediate medical attention and further rehabilitation and treatment should these injuries prove to be serious.

In most auto accident situations, it is probable that you pay for your medical bills from your own pocket while the personal injury proceedings are still on-going. It may take a while for personal injury claims to be given compensation, as compared to accident claims that pay for the damages to the vehicle. What makes these injury claims longer to settle is because they require further information and evidences of the possible short-term and long-term medical costs that needs to be determined first in order to properly give a reasonable compensation.

If given the situation where you are required to pay for your own medical bills for the time being, you may need to rely on your own insurance health care provider to help cover for the expenses. It is generally easy to receive coverage through this process, yet you may have to give compensation after the personal injury claim has been settled. In order to get the best from your injury claims, Chris Mayo Law Firm suggests that you document all the expenses that you made while the injury claims is still in the process. Such expenses may include:

  • Ambulance expenses
  • Prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines
  • Physical therapy sessions
  • X-rays and other emergency room exams and visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Costs of transportation to and from the medical care

For people who find it difficult to pay or cover for the costs of injury, many medical providers actually offer the option to have a “hold agreement”. This means that if you promise to pay for you medical bills immediately after the injury claims has been settled, then your medical provider would inform the collections agencies so that it won’t be deducted. Extreme cases such as settlement lawsuits, car accident loans are also available to help cover for medical bills before the settlement is reached.

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Common Garage Door Problems

Posted by on Dec 8, 2013 in Home Improvement | 3 comments

People want their garage doors to function as required, but there are instances that something goes wrong. A broken garage door may become a danger to your home’s security as well as a transportation blockage. If they require fixing, you should first check if you need a professional or if you can fix it yourself. Here are some common garage door problems and how you can deal with them.

First, your garage doors create too much noise when you open or close it. If you encounter this problem, it may indicate that certain dirt or debris has been trapped in the garage door’s track and needs lubrication. Before putting any lubrication, however, make sure you clean the track first (ensure the cleaner you use is not too harsh) and clean the dirt, debris, and other obstructions that could hinder proper operation. After, you can put lubricant that is specially made for garage doors (or you can use standard oils such as WD-40), and check if they are working properly by opening and closing the garage door a couple of times. Proper lubrication can also help in making garage doors move evenly if they shimmy from side to side.

Next, if the garage doors stick open or closed you may need to check a couple of things. If you are using a remote to open your garage door, test the sensors, the batteries and the switches. Make sure they are new and are operating completely and there are no obstructions to the signal. If you are opening the garage door manually, check if there are obstructions in the wheel tracks. Make sure they are properly cleaned and lubricated, and ensure that the lubrication you use suits the weather (different conditions and temperatures can affect the lubricant). Another thing to consider is if the garage door is hung unevenly. Check the spring and cable if they have the same springiness from both sides, and if they are of the same length.

Another problem is when garage doors fall too quickly, which may put people in danger of injuries. The problem may be from the cables or springs. Fixing overly loose springs and broken cables may require the help of a professional repairman, since there are certain risks that come with fixing them without proper knowledge and the right tools.

Even with the latest technology, garage doors still require regular maintenance. Be prepared for any problems that you might encounter with your garage doors and be knowledgeable enough to know where to look if a problem arises.

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Causes of Lethal Truck Accidents

Posted by on Dec 5, 2013 in Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Truck Accidents | 3 comments

Recent studies have shown that between car and truck drivers, car drivers are most like the ones who have caused the accident and are most likely to die after the collision. According to recent studies from AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, within the analyzed 10,000 fatal car-truck accidents that occurred, ninety-eight percent of the accidents resulted to fatalities that happened inside the car. Seventy-five percent of these accidents were caused by car drivers, while the remaining twenty-five percent were caused by truck drivers.

Based on the findings from the AAA report, these lethal truck accidents are due to five major driving and road violations: speeding, not yielding to the right of way, driver inattention, disregarding signs and signals, and failing to stay in your lane. These leading actions have accounted to sixty-five percent of dangerous driving actions that driver commit.

Many car drivers seem to be driving around these trucks the same way they do around smaller vehicles and these wrong estimation and confidence is what results to car-truck collisions. However, lack of proper driving education of commercial “big-rig” truck drivers are what the AAA studies believe to a big factor in these accidents. Truck drivers seem to drive dangerously – believing they are in the right way even if they are not. Because of their bigger size, many motorists believe truck drivers need to be more cautious, watching out for other, smaller vehicles while driving on the roads. Based on an article from the Abel Law Firm, vehicular accidents occur in American roads every eight seconds – this means everyone will be involved in a car accident at least once in their lifetime.

As time passes, road and safe driving education may become more and more important as the number of motorists have increased, making the highways all the more crowded. Just as with smaller vehicles, AAA informs drivers of the trucks blind spots, braking, and many other factors that can limit big-rig trucks ability to maneuver.

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Print vs. Digital Reading

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Technology | 0 comments

A recent article on discusses the pros and cons of reading paper books vs. reading digitally converted novels. Interestingly, research tends to be yielding results that are steadily moving in favor of digital reading.

In the 80’s, most research found that those who read on paper withheld the knowledge better. However, ever since then, the results have gotten increasingly less consistent, according to the article. This may be because more people are slowly becoming accustomed to digital readers.

Attitudes toward the way we use technology may have more to do with our digital reading ability than we realize. Since most schools still don’t allow technology in classrooms, people 10 years old and up will probably learn to associate paper books with learning. They’ll be more likely to take reading with books seriously, since that’s how they were required to learn growing up. Digital reading, for most people, is still more closely associated with social networking, texting, or mindlessly surfing the web.

However, one physical advantage books have over Kindles, tablets, laptops and smartphones is that the glare doesn’t hurt readers’ eyes. As the article cites, many people experience several medical side effects from spending too long staring at a screen.

Once we find a way to jump the hurdle of eye damage and digital reading becomes more wide-spread, reading on a tablet will be just as effective as using a book. This will help the spread of information, allowing people to have store hundreds of books on one device. Students will no longer have to tote around heavy books—they can simply shove a kindle in their bag or a smartphone in their pocket.

When society begins to accept digital readers, they will become more useful.

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Dangers in the Workplace

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Mesothelioma, Workers' Compensation | 0 comments

Working with asbestos in the workplace can put any worker, as well as their families, in significant health risks. Asbestos is actually a group of minerals mined and used in various products from vehicle brakes to building materials. What makes asbestos popular and widely-used is its characteristics such as being fire, heat, and corrosion-resistant. It is an ideal ingredient in products that require good insulation and fireproofing.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), about 1.3 million people in the United States are exposed to asbestos every day in their workplace. Because it has been used for many years now, the health dangers of have become obvious. Long exposure to asbestos can put workers in big chances of developing lung-related health complications. According to the website of Pohl and Berk, among the serious effects of asbestos exposure are lung cancer, mesothelioma (a form of cancer that affects the lining of the chest and abdomen), asbestosis, and other gastrointestinal cancers. Many of these illnesses are incredibly dangerous, and often fatal. Survivors often live with the consequences of them their whole lives.

It is part of OSHA to ensure that workers who are directly or indirectly come in contact with asbestos in the workplace are properly informed, trained, and protected. Each worker is required to have medical examinations especially if they have worked with asbestos for more than 30 years. Those who have developed health complications brought about by working with asbestos without proper training and protections can acquire workers’ compensation for all the troubles they have suffered. Regardless of what industry you are working with, as long as asbestos will be part of your exposure, each company and worker are entitled to be given on-the-job protections.

Although worker’s compensation can help in easing the financial burdens that come from working with asbestos, if you think your company has not provided proper safety and protection to you and you have developed health complications, then you can file a lawsuit against your company. OSHA is required to monitor and regulate the exposure of workers to asbestos. This would legally signify that your employer has the responsibility of providing safety and protection against possible asbestos-related complications.

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Consequences of Drug Possession

Posted by on Nov 30, 2013 in Bankruptcy, Drug Laws | 0 comments

Drug possession is one of the many rampant offenses that seem to take over the news lately. Being convicted of drug possession can bring about a jail sentence and/or fines. People caught possessing illegal or monitored drugs can also be given community service are quite often a probationary period, although generally the penalties can differ depending on the type of drugs and the amount that the person was caught with. Marijuana possession can have a different charge and penalties than being caught with cocaine possession or antidepressants.

Being charged (and convicted) of drug possession can have lasting effects on you, making it hard to travel overseas and could make employment very difficult to land. Most employers now tend to look into their applicant’s possible felonies and misdemeanours when hiring future employees. Generally employers prefer applicants with little to no criminal records, therefore having a drug possession charge can put you at a disadvantage. There is also the possibility of being fired by employers upon knowledge of your drug possession charge. This is in light of employers considering the possibilities of the drug charges affecting the business.

Serious drug possession charges can put you in jail for a significant amount of time. This would mean no income for you and your family. Aside from the social stigma of a drug possession charge, what people don’t know is that is can be a cause for a bankruptcy suit. Any type of legal charges can take a toll on your finances, especially if it would require hiring a lawyer to defend your case. Whether you are a first-time offender or has past convictions, depending of the severity of the offense, you will be required to be present at a substance abuse program that would be anywhere between a couple of months to several years.

Aside from the financial burdens of having drug possessions charge (you have to pay your lawyer for your defense), other possible penalties would be expulsion from school. This would be especially applicable if caught on campus or has the intention of selling or distributing the drugs inside the school grounds.

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How to Care for Dyed Hair

Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 in Hair Care | 2 comments

Caring for your color-treated hair can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time to have your hair dyed. Although most hair dyes today are made with less damaging chemicals, there is still a certain amount of damage that the hair will go through when dyeing your hair. To avoid further hair damage and have long-lasting hair color, here are some tips I found from one of the best hair salons in Houston that you can try:

  1. It feels good to have clean hair, but it can have a big effect on your recently dyed hair. Don’t wash your hair at least two days after coloring. Choose mild shampoo when washing your hair as harsh ones can strip away the color. Studies have proven that water (not even shampoos or conditioner) is the main enemy as it drains the color molecules away at every wash.
  2. Avoid drying your hair. Make sure you use conditioner after every shampoo, and choose specifically-made conditioners for color-treated hair. Make sure to mask your hair on a weekly basis, and put protection when going out. Leave-on conditioner or anti-heat damage should be applied to prevent hair from drying.
  3. To make hair shine, avoid using too much hot tools (blow dry, hair irons, etc.) to stop it from getting dryer and stripping away proteins. Air-drying your hair would be a better option than using blow dryer. Apply gloss serums or shine spray which could bounce back light, making hair appear shinier. If you want professional help, you can have your hair glazed.  Professionally-glazed hair can last for four weeks.

Careful and constant hair care will give you a big payoff. Properly caring for your dyed hair not only makes you look different, but it can boost your assets even more, therefore make sure to do everything you can to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

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