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Common Garage Door Problems

People want their garage doors to function as required, but there are instances that something goes wrong. A broken garage door may become a danger to your home’s security as well as a transportation blockage. If they require fixing, you should first check if you need a professional or if you can fix it yourself. Here are some common garage door problems and how you can deal with them.

First, your garage doors create too much noise when you open or close it. If you encounter this problem, it may indicate that certain dirt or debris has been trapped in the garage door’s track and needs lubrication. Before putting any lubrication, however, make sure you clean the track first (ensure the cleaner you use is not too harsh) and clean the dirt, debris, and other obstructions that could hinder proper operation. After, you can put lubricant that is specially made for garage doors (or you can use standard oils such as WD-40), and check if they are working properly by opening and closing the garage door a couple of times. Proper lubrication can also help in making garage doors move evenly if they shimmy from side to side.

Next, if the garage doors stick open or closed you may need to check a couple of things. If you are using a remote to open your garage door, test the sensors, the batteries and the switches. Make sure they are new and are operating completely and there are no obstructions to the signal. If you are opening the garage door manually, check if there are obstructions in the wheel tracks. Make sure they are properly cleaned and lubricated, and ensure that the lubrication you use suits the weather (different conditions and temperatures can affect the lubricant). Another thing to consider is if the garage door is hung unevenly. Check the spring and cable if they have the same springiness from both sides, and if they are of the same length.

Another problem is when garage doors fall too quickly, which may put people in danger of injuries. The problem may be from the cables or springs. Fixing overly loose springs and broken cables may require the help of a professional repairman, since there are certain risks that come with fixing them without proper knowledge and the right tools.

Even with the latest technology, garage doors still require regular maintenance. Be prepared for any problems that you might encounter with your garage doors and be knowledgeable enough to know where to look if a problem arises.


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