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How to Care for Dyed Hair

Caring for your color-treated hair can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time to have your hair dyed. Although most hair dyes today are made with less damaging chemicals, there is still a certain amount of damage that the hair will go through when dyeing your hair. To avoid further hair damage and have long-lasting hair color, here are some tips I found from one of the best hair salons in Houston that you can try:

  1. It feels good to have clean hair, but it can have a big effect on your recently dyed hair. Don’t wash your hair at least two days after coloring. Choose mild shampoo when washing your hair as harsh ones can strip away the color. Studies have proven that water (not even shampoos or conditioner) is the main enemy as it drains the color molecules away at every wash.
  2. Avoid drying your hair. Make sure you use conditioner after every shampoo, and choose specifically-made conditioners for color-treated hair. Make sure to mask your hair on a weekly basis, and put protection when going out. Leave-on conditioner or anti-heat damage should be applied to prevent hair from drying.
  3. To make hair shine, avoid using too much hot tools (blow dry, hair irons, etc.) to stop it from getting dryer and stripping away proteins. Air-drying your hair would be a better option than using blow dryer. Apply gloss serums or shine spray which could bounce back light, making hair appear shinier. If you want professional help, you can have your hair glazed.  Professionally-glazed hair can last for four weeks.

Careful and constant hair care will give you a big payoff. Properly caring for your dyed hair not only makes you look different, but it can boost your assets even more, therefore make sure to do everything you can to keep your hair healthy and shiny.


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