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Balayage 101

Whether you’re a hair-coloring junkie or have never colored your hair before, there are a variety of new hair-coloring techniques out there for everyone. One of these new techniques is balayage. If you’re considering changing your hair color, you might want to consider giving balayage a try.

Before booking your next appointment at the hair salon, take a look at this post to learn more about balayage.

What is balayage?

First, you should understand exactly what balayage is. Balayage is a hair-coloring technique is a hair-coloring technique that involves painting on highlights onto the hair. This technique results in a natural and soft look that resembles ombré because it gets gradually lighter towards the ends of the hair.

Fun fact — the technique originated all the way in France! In fact, “balayage” means “to sweep” or “to paint” in the French language!

Why Should You Choose Balayage?

If you’re reading this, you probably wondering, “Well, why should I choose balayage?” This new, exciting hair technique brings with a variety of different benefits for both you and your hair. Check these benefits out below:

  • Easy to Maintain

Balayage highlights are much, much easier to maintain than those applied through more traditional highlight techniques. On average, you may not need to touch up your balayage highlights until as much as 8-12 weeks later. More traditional highlights require upkeep as soon as 6 weeks after the initial application. Easier to maintain high can save you both time and money too!

  • Better for your Hair

Think about it. Balayage paints on the coloring directly to your hair, skipping the foil and intense saturation that is common with other hair coloring techniques. Your hair will look softer and silkier than if you had gone the normal route!

  • Versatility

Balayage works for you and your needs. Because balayage highlights are
painted by hand, your stylist can apply them as intense or as light as you want. With balayage, you can opt for super strong highlights or a mere glimmer of color that gives your hair a little bit of extra dimension.

  • Safer

Again, balayage is painted by hand directly on the hair and not to the scalp. This means that balayage is safe not only for pregnant women, but individuals who are allergic to hair dye. Who doesn’t love a safe hair technique?

Before You Get Ready for Your Appointment

Make sure you take the proper steps necessary to ensure that your balayage looks bomb after your appointment:

  • Research!

One of the best things you can do is not only research the balayage technique, but pick out looks that you want your hairdresser to emulate.

  • Scope Out Your Salon

Make sure to find a salon that specializes in the balayage technique, like Therapy Hair Studio. If possible, look at examples of their work online or ask to see pictures to see what you’re paying for.

  • Talk to Your Stylist

Once you’ve picked out your salon, make sure to speak with your stylist before your appointment to let them know what you want — this will help you get this best looking balayage possible!

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